The Vow is wow!

Inspired by a true story.

Lama jugak dalam simpanan my external hard disk. Pas balik dari ofis semalam (had to work on Sunday), edit a few photos, dah bosan, on that movie, The Vow (main cast, Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum). Interesting story line. Ada yang cakap filem Malaysia, Aku Terima Nikahnya amek (bahasa lain, tiru) sikit jalan cerita. Well, bole dikatakan the main plot dicilok sket. One of the spouse hilang separa ingatan lepas kemalangan, and the other half try untuk tolong regain back those lost memories. The beginning lebih kurang sama, interval and ending plots are totally different ideas. Rating? I enjoyed both, but more credits to The Vow of course.

Notes: masih menyokong filem tempatan đŸ™‚


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