People with Migraines

Twenty-five percent of women and 8% of men suffer from migraine headaches. Some migraines are moderate, some are severe. Some occur at every menstrual cycle, some occur twice a month. Some are brought on by stress, smoking, fatigue, and certain foods. Some disable people for days, and all take people away from their jobs, their friends and families, and their livelihoods every time these migraines strike them.

Among these migraine sufferers, only half know that these headaches are migraines, and the other half are misdiagnosed or not receiving any treatment at all. Most people who do know that they suffer from migraine headaches have gone through a long line of doctors to receive the correct diagnosis and proper treatment.

As scientists begin to understand the origins of migraine headaches, more treatments are becoming available to ease the pain. While there’s no cure yet, the medicine that is available is more effective than ever before.

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