My Favorite blogs: Most frequently hit



One of my favorite blog`spot`s, Dr.Hasanah.Com. She’s my ex-lecturer for Munakahat[1]’s course (University of Science Malaysia). She’s a very young and dynamic woman with a strong essence living with her 5 children as she just lost her dearly loved husband few months back. Go and visit her page, read the notes that she has written.




A blog handled by Engku Emran Engku Zainal Abidin, the COO of Suria FM and the beloved husband of our stunning primadona, Erra Fazira. Easy reading blog, with great issues highlighted regularly. Plus some facts and less ridiculous reasons or matters. Go Che’Em!




Well known author he is. Especially for those who love to read facts novel. Don’t miss to read his blog as you won’t find yourself lost in the heart of it. You’ll get attached to it till the end and will be addicted to it so badly.




The proprietor of this blog is Kash. He’s my favorite graphics designer (freelancer). He designed banners and logos for various private company, official and unofficial organization, individuals and etc. Not to forget, he has a lot of stories to tell regards his activities and what he had grabbed along the route of life.




One of the most frequently visited leisure blog managed by Budiey. The blog consists of miscellaneous entertainment news. The most interesting part is you are able to view celebrities’ photos which most of them are brand new and you can’t even locate in other published media or webpage.

[1] Pengetahuan tentang institusi kekeluargaan


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